Strong Foundation based Management Team

infoWave - promoted by successful business entrepreneurs with a team of young, intelligent, energetic and resourceful professionals. The entire team is very business focused and dedicated to taking this concept to a successful and stabilized realization through into this millennium.

The Board has a Management and Executive team leading the organization.

Like the strong pillars of a colossal tower, the managers of the Company are supporting the fast growing organization to build up leaders. Competent managers, leaders in their own respect, lead the key functional areas of Software Development; Marketing; Office Management; Human Resources and Finance. Backed with sharp skills and rich experience, these managers are the key success factors of the Company.

Quality Assurance Programs

infowave believes in Quality as core principles of any development work and this fundamental concept has been ingrained in each and every employee and professionals in all departments to ensure not only a quality product but a world class engagement model.


    • Time
    • A rich history of Project and Services over 30 years.
    • Clients
    • A vast expertise and deep experience in various technological and vertical domains, like Technology Companies, Retail and Finance.
    • Geographical Zone
    • Work Sites and Clients across North America, Europe and Asia.
    • Professional and Ethical Values
    • infoWave is based on strong Ethical Values ingrained at all levels of the organization. The company inculcates community programs which ensures Professional excellence.


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