SITES - B2C Ecommerce Site. - is the First Cybermall of India! It provides a shopping experience on the net catering to various aspects of Shopping industry in India. The Cybermall combines the power of shopping with convenience. Existing shopping facilities include eShops, services, etc. It's a fully integrated shopping site with Verisign approval and verification, secured online payment gateway and logistic partners. Other shopping options include Bartering, Auctioning, Reverse Auctioning, eClassifieds, etc. Like a true "Brick & Mortar" Mall, esiliconworld in an earlier version of software had eCourtyard with Entertainment, Kiddie's Corner, FoodCourt, Sale Info Center, etc. Services like banking, brokering, real estate, travel, etc. are an integral part of the mall.

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Time Management Solutions

Are you and/or your team juggling Work and Life and missing Appointments, Milestones and Deadlines
  • The only answer is to plan and organize better
  • Do you, as Team Member, have any idea on Activities & Task set for you and what the Milestones & Deadlines are?
  • Can you measure/monitor progress (with respect to time spent? (Who did what, where, when and how!)

Introducing - Plan & Organize + Leverage & Cross-Check (POLC)

Plan the Manager/Team’s job functions to actual day to day Activities and Tasks first, by a very versatile Time Scheduler/Planner. Here the Manager’s plan their Projects/Activities, set targets and goals and allocates Activities and Task to the Group (forward integrated with Time Management Software ( Team Members using a set Categories titled myACT Activities and Task as Sub-Categories as mapped to Tasks.

  • Using a Time Scheduler/Planner follows the SMART (structured and written, measureable, attainable, relevant and clear time frames) principles in setting goals using MBO.
  • The forward/backward or reverse integration to Esiliconworld Planner, permits seamless flow of data for Project Group Team Members to the Time Tracking Software, where in the description of goals are given and allow the Group Team Members to submit the actual Activity and Task undertaken for approval to the Supervisor prior to it being processed to the HR and Accounts team for monthly payroll/Invoicing.

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