As the decade closes, information technology continues its unrelenting march to miniaturization from the mainframes to the handheld devices leading to new challenges, now with the onset of Network Effects and the ensuing Big Data, which only Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computer withDeep Learning algorithms with Predictive Analysis can help alleviate the complexities of the task in the autonomous world.

Stride by stride, infoWave continues to innovate and delivery solutions at the rim of technology, leveraging its historical and current strengths in providing services for the Desktop, Apps and Websites, be it a Browser-based, Client-Server and Cloud-based on Microsoft®.Net and Oracle®Java J2EE technologies and, into the exciting world of Mobiles and Devices, like Smart Phones and other Devices, running Microsoft®, Google® Android, Apple® iOS, Etc.

The bewildering array of options available is quite a paradox to the fact that fundamentally the device is the computer.

infoWave provides responsive Custom Development services to help mitigate the difficulties involved with deploying applications in the increasingly complex devices, operating systems, cross browsers and cross platform environments, helping you speed new services to market, giving you a competitive edge.

The Company offers services to ensure that your applications run on Operating Systems - Windows®, Android, Linux®, Etc and Browsers Microsoft Edge®, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari®, Opera, Etc and Social environments, like Facebook©, WhatsApp, LinkedIn© and integrate with Twitter©.

So, if your application is Event Driven or Service Oriented, requiring Agile Modeling for vertical domains using Web Services, Ajax, Ruby-on-Rails, XML and SOAP, JSON, JWT, and WSDL, internet, ecommerce or e-business, you will discover an all new company as a one stop solution to ensure that your Applications are ubiquitous in all environments and systems the customer is present in.

These routines are written in Object Oriented Programming Systems (OOPS) languages Java & J2EE and C# & Microsoft.NET and PHP, Python, Etc versioning on Perforce® & GitHub® with frontend in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap®, Javascript, JQuery and with backend of Microsoft SQL, MySQL®, MariaDB, MongDB® Etc with using frameworks, like Visual Studio® with Foundation/Team Servers, Eclipse, CodeIgniter®, open source React Native, etc for cross OS, cross-browsers and cross Devices Apps and Websites. The middle tiers are usually Microsoft IIS and Apache® Tomcat®.

Our Software Symphony

Specific tools and techniques, such as continuous integration, automated unit testing, pair programming, test-driven development, design patterns, domain-driven design, code refactoring and other techniques are often used to improve quality and enhance product development agility. The Software testing tool of choice is Selenium® and Bug Reporting Tools - Jira®.

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