The Company's efficiency is closely linked with motivation and productivity of its employees and infoWave leaves no stones unturned in order to ensuring quality as promised to the Client. The Company has strong retention programs and the on-going training in new technologies and tools is indeed a continuing process.

infoWave believes in equal opportunity and has programs to enhance participation by all sections without compromising aims, goals and objectives of the company.

We take pride in people working with us. Our steady growth and development over the past 30+ years are results of the efforts forwarded by every individual in our team. Group Company Silicon Interfaces has many employees who have worked with the Company for more than 5, 8 and even 12-20 years of service.


Employees are the real stakeholders in the Company and are entitled to hold group Company shares under the ESOP scheme.


Employees are dedicated to take the Company to its pinnacle and the Company cares for its employees at all places, every hour(!) and provides them with their deserved benefits such as:
    • industry standard salaries
    • medical, dental, vision and life insurance (varies by location)
    • bonus
    • vacation travel assistance
    • relocation assistance (varies by location)
    • car loan program
    • annual public holidays
    • sickness time care program
    • credit union facilities (wherever applicable)
    • ESOP program
    • (all benefits may not apply to every location)
    • Additionally in the Career tab, put in Working Women's Forum (WWF)

Women employees are having a special forum in the name of WWF where they are constructively working for their dynamic representation in the growth and well being of the Company.

infoWave boasts of a pool of talented, intelligent, young as well as experienced people, having deep knowledge-base and a Go-Get-It attitude. These are the power-drivers for infoWave towards the millennium and beyond!


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